Weight Loss |Achieving your Goals


We’re already 2 weeks into the new year! How many of you have stuck to your goals? It can be tough especially if losing weight is one of your goals for the new year. I have personally stuck with it and have been eating healthy morning to night, but trust me, I know how easy it can be to get into a rut. I know i haven’t really shared the FIT part of My blog, but this year I’m all about it! If you need some extra motivation, keep reading for some tips that i follow to maintain my weight loss goals!

1. Set yourself up for success

Having the right tools is key to achieving any goal. Meal prep so you can grab and go in the mornings without putting a thought into it. Organize your fridge so that breakfasts and lunch are accessible. Put your water bottle/ protein next to the fridge so you don’t forget to fill up! Lay out your workout outfit for the next day. Having to rummage through your closet and drawers will more likely make you feel like you “have nothing to wear” and you’ll prob just stay home. It helps if you have some cute athletic wear. You will feel more confident and ready to power through your workout.

2. Have a support system

Let your family and friends know the goal you are trying to reach. Having someone hold you accountable will have you in the mindset that you need to do this. Join a Facebook or Instagram group that offers encouragement and tips. They may even offer you support throughout the day or week! Getting texts of encouragement help motivate you to get it done.

3. Start small

Saying your goal is to lose 50 lbs this year is great, but don’t set the bar so high. Start with 5 lbs a month. It’s much easier to reach a smaller goal that will eventually lead up to your greater goal. Once you reach that you will feel more successful and motivated.

4. Remember the why

Think about the why. Why did you set this certain goal for yourself? Will it make you happier in the end? Will you feel better? Stay true to yourself and you will be successful.

Very quickly i just wanted to share what I’ve been eating for breakfast. I have been cutting back on my daily coffees for green tea and drinking a smoothie. Saturday was the only day i actually made egg white, but they’re so easy and delicious. Recipes below!


1 cup of almond milk

Handful of blueberries

1 banana

1 packet of Vital Proteins (purchase Here)

Granola to top

I just mix it all up in my bullet blender and it’s delicious!

Egg white scramble-

Pretty basic recipe, but so yummy.

2 egg white

Chopped peppers and onions

red pepper flakes

Cook it together in the pan and voila! Told you, it’s nothing fancy.

I hope this helps you stay motivated. Pass it along to a friend if you think it will help them! You can do it! Remember, we’re all in this together!

xo, Jessi


New Year, New Goals + 2017 Reflections

2017 will always be one of the most memorable years of my life! Marrying my best friend and getting to spend forever together was what i was most looking forward to in 2017. I promise i will have a wedding recap up possibly on our 1 year anniversary! So be on the look out for that. We gained a new addition to our family this year! I finally have a sweet niece who was born in July! We have slowly been getting our house together, but we still have a ton to do. I think its best to take our time designing and finding pieces we really want rather than spending money on spontaneous pieces. I love these reflection posts so I can look back at the years to come and see how much I’ve grown.

I celebrated 2 years of blogging on Glam Fit Foodie! I really wanted to challenge myself and grow more with my little blog in 2017 & I did. I worked hard, received some amazing opportunities and met some inspiring bloggers. I am going to have the same ambition and goals for the new year and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the future. Everyone seems to love my beauty posts which i love because they are my favorite to create. Its fun to try things and share what genuinly works. I received several opportunities that i turned down because the products just weren’t something that I was comfortable promoting. I just love sharing products and tips with you all and I would never share something I didn’t love or use.

One topic I want to talk more about on my blog this year is home decor. We have a lot of progression planned with our home this year, so there will be tips and ideas for home decor coming this year. I love designing and finding pieces for less that look more expensive. Seeing everything I envision come to life makes me so happy. I’m glad Mike has an opinion on things and helps me decide which pieces to buy.

Last year I made it a point to take care of my health and i am so glad I did. I have suffered from migraines for years and if you have them you know my pain! After countless migraine medications I decided to see a chiropractor and boy am I glad I did! After xrays, this is what he found: My neck is curved the opposite direction, 2 of my vertebrates have arthritis, my atlas bone was pushed to the right side (where I experience my migraines) and my lower back is curved with a starting formation of scoliosis! The Dr said no wonder I was in so much pain all the time and didn’t know how I functioned daily. I’ve been seeing him for the past 2 months, 2 days a week. I feel better than I’ve felt in years! I’ve had a migraines maybe 2 times since I’ve been going and I would get them 4-5 times a week! I encourage everyone to take care of themselves and don’t put things off!

Staying on the healthy track, I want to try to lose weight and gain muscle mass to the point where I am comfortable. I want to encourage myself to exercise at least 3x a week. I may try a juice cleanse for a week or something to reset my body. I have a big sweet tooth and want to limit the amount of sweets I eat in a week.

In 2018, I am most looking forward to nourishing my mind and soul with positivity and encouragement. I want to continue to work hard and be kind each and every day. I can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store for me. I’m ready for ya!

Thank you to all of you for following and supporting Glam Fit Foodie. I can’t wait to create new content for you all in 2018! I wish you all a Happy new year of love and wishes beyond your wildest dreams!

xo, Jessi

Men’s Gift Guide under $100


We are 6 days away from Christmas! I just wanted to share a quick little shopping guide for the men. If you still need to find the special guy in your life a gift, some of these items would be perfect. Mike helped me pick out a couple things for you all! From the tech savvy to the traveler- there’s a little something for everyone!


1. Bose in-ear headphones

2. Bric’s Travel backpack

3. Fossil leather strap watch

4. Kiehl’s Skincare essentials + travel bag

5. Jack Black Facial set

6. Nike Free Run 2017

7. Nike fleece Jogger pant

8. Leather phone case + card holder (black)

8. Leather phone case in brown


Happy shopping and thanks for reading!

Xo, Jessi

Gift Guide for Her under $100



Its hard to believe Christmas is less than 2 weeks away! If you still need a gift for the girly girlĀ  in your life (wife, girlfriend, sister, mom..) this is the guide for you! There’s a little bit of something for all ages. (more…)