Stay Fit with Fruit Infused Water


Hello Beauties!

No matter where I go, I always carry around my BIG water bottle. I love plain ol’ water, but sometimes I like to change it up by normally adding a lemon with mint to my water. I recently found different combinations that taste so delicious and refreshing! I shared a few that I am currently obsessing over. They’re perfect for summer beach days.


Citrus water has been my drink of choice the past few weeks.  If I’m adding fruit to my water I insert the diffuser that came with my bottle, but you could simply add it into any bottle of water. To make citrus water you will need:

-1 bottle of water

-1 slice of lemon

-1 slice of orange

I like to get it ready the night before to let the citrus and water combine, but you could add it right before drinking it. Not only is this combination delicious, but it is good for you inside and out! You will get a good source of vitamin C and it will help detoxify. It is a little acidic, so I recommend switching up between water flavors throughout the week.

Strawberry & Mint infused water is the best! It has a sweet taste of strawberry with a hint of mint which makes it very refreshing. Strawberries are beneficial because they have antioxidants and are known to help clear skin. I love the added mint because it helps soothe the stomach and it helps with digestion. To make this infused water you will need:

-1 bottle of water

-2 strawberries sliced in half

-2 mint leaves

I usually fill up my water bottle three times during the day before changing out the fruit. I usually change out the fruit after that because it loses its flavor and vitamins. Adding real fruits to our drinks is a lot healthier than the artificial flavored liquid enhancers.

Let me know what other combinations you have tried. I hope you all decide to add fruit infused waters into your lives!

Xo, Jessi



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