Women & Beauty | Why does society get to define us?

Hello Beauties!

The topic of women and beauty is something I never thought deeply about until I took a Woman and Communications class last year. Beauty is all around us. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. Beauty is not defined as make-up, hair, or style; although that is what society wants you to think it is. Sure, I love my make-up, but I never criticize another woman for not wearing any. When you leave your house, make-up or no make-up, and you feel comfortable in your skin that is all that truly matters. I wrote a poem in this class called “Society’s Perfection.”

  Society’s Perfection

Women are held to beauty standards that are unrealistic,
This cookie cutter image that is hard to achieve,
Forced  to be skinny, glamorous, and tan.
Who are we really trying to please?

If we cannot be accepted for who we are,
Living in a society as this can only get us so far.
I, too,  have been brainwashed by the image,
Nails, hair, make-up,  and diet fads;
But,  that’s just part of being a woman,  right?
Doing it all just to fit in,
Fit Into a society that doesn’t care if you love yourself for who you are,
As long as you’re buying expensive things to be up to par.
We are taught to compete against  each other,
Over something we should be coming together to defeat.

Plastic surgery and botox is becoming the norm,
But, you should embrace your beauty;
What you have deep down inside and what you believe,
It’s something that cannot be bought or found in a magazine.

Next time you look in the mirror,
Embrace yourself.
You are beautiful beyond society’s perfection.

I have struggled for years to try to achieve the “perfect” look that society has set for us. I’m sure as your reading this you have an image of what “perfect beauty” is. I am learning to love myself for who I am and not compare myself to others. Another woman’s beauty does not define yours.

Everyone has flaws and imperfections they dislike about themselves. One thing I have always wanted is perfect skin. I have struggled with acne since middle school. I hated my skin and would always cover it with foundation. Everyone would always ask, “Why do you wear so much makeup?” That question always made me feels so insecure. Last year I went to the dermatologist got antibiotics and Epiduo and my acne cleared up. It wasn’t until recently that someone asked me that same question and I pondered on it. Does it really matter if I want to wear make-up or not? Does it matter if my hair is perfect? Do any of these things really matter at all? Why do we stop loving people for who they are and only base them on appearance?

xo, Jessi



  1. Perfection is in the eyes of beholder. Imperfections are what make a woman special. I believe the media make people believe they are less. Every woman had something. Just need the right person to see. A interesting poem. Made me think this morning.


  2. Society will always play a part in women and young girls lives. Sadly that is how people think that is how we should be. Just like Society shows the image of how we should be, skinny, sexy with no flaws. My theory is we should love who we are but there Will never be a happy medium.
    Very well put! Love it


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