Summertime Accessories | Glam It Up

Hello Beauties!

Living in the sunshine state, I am fortunate to have summer all year round. With that in mind, summer style is always in season. Styling hair in the summer can be a hassle. Tousled curls and a hair accessory make hair 10x more manageable and life a lot easier!

I love wearing bandanas. They are my favorite hair accessory. They are perfect for day old hair. I usually apply dry shampoo, curls, and tons of hair spray. You can’t go wrong with teased, tousled curls and a bandana.

I was at Marshalls the other day, (they have the BEST deals), and saw a rack with jewelry, handbags and hair accessories. When I laid eyes on this floral headband, I had to have it. I made my own a couple years ago for a cruise, but it didn’t hold up to be able to wear it anymore.

I also saw this cute little hair tie that just slips right over your bun. It is so cute and adds a little life to your hair.

FEDORAS! They are a summer staple. They are so versatile and stylish. I have been wanting a fedora for as long as I can remember. Every fedora I have ever tried on has never looked good on me. (Does anyone else have this problem?) I tried on this beauty at Target and it was a winner!

What hair accessories do you love for the summer? I want to see your summer hair! Take pictures of your accessories and post to Instagram using #glamfitfoodie.

xo, Jessi






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