Summertime Sweet | Berry Coconut Water Popsicles


During the hot, summer days I’m always craving something cold as I’m sure you all do, too. Ice cream is my weakness.

I made a popsicle that has less the calories, no artificial sugars, but packed full of flavor. If you’re working towards your beach body, you can indulge in these scrumptious treats and still stay on track. These little beauties are perfection.

You will need:

• Coconut water (I used lemonade  flavor)
• 2-3 Strawberries sliced
• frozen blueberries
• Popsicle molds


Fill popsicle mold half way with the coconut water. The flavored water added more flavor.


Add in slices of strawberries and a couple blueberries.


Fill remainder of the mold with coconut water.


Freeze and indulge!

What are your favorite summer treats!?

xo, Jessi


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