Four Years of Birthday Wishes| Happy Birthday, Isaiah!


Today I wrote a special blog post dedicated to my sweet little nephew!

Birthdays are so much fun to celebrate. Like I mentioned in my fiancé’s birthday post, I love celebrating my family on their birthday! Besides the presents and cake, the special moments we create is the best! I wished my nephew could’ve shared my birthday, but he has his own special day 3 days before mine!


Four years ago on June 2, my oldest nephew was born. Isaiah is one of the sweetest little peaches I know! Of course he has his cranky moments, but what little kid doesn’t? He’s definitely not a little baby anymore.


At 4 years old, he loves dinosaurs, swimming, and chicken nuggets. He is so full of life and innocence. I am so fortunate to be his Auntie and watch him grow.


He has the funniest personality, too! Last week I went out to eat with my sister and nephews. Isaiah said, “Mom, I want chicken nuggets, mac n cheese and French fries and ketchup!” I couldn’t help but laugh and think about how much time has flown by. It seems like not that long ago he couldn’t go anywhere without his binky and I could barely understand his words. Now he’s ordering his own food!


Isaiah Brice, my beebee chubbs, sweet little peach, Gemini baby; I hope you have the best birthday! You deserve the world and nothing less. I hope you get spoiled rotten! (Of course you will; Auntie Jess is going to be around! ❤) I love you!

Happy 4th Birthday, Isaiah! 🎈🎂🎉



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