Sweet & Savory | Vegetarian Pineapple Rice Bowl


Hello Foodies!

Who doesn’t love Chinese food? Chinese take-out is always a quick dinner idea. Does anyone else find it strange that no matter what or how much you order, it’s always ready in 10 minutes?!

Although I love Chinese take-out , I have been trying to eat healthier. I love pineapple and mushrooms a lot and thought of incorporating them into a stir fry type dish. Some may think that pineapple in a savory dish might not taste good, but it most definitely does! I did not think this dish would taste as good as it did! It won over my fiance. He said it actually tastes SO much better than take-out!

What you will need: 

– 1 Can of Pineapple

– 1 Package of Mushrooms (I used Bella)

– 1 Bell Pepper

– 1 Purple Onion

– Brown Rice

– Soy Sauce

– Salt/Pepper




Begin by boiling your water. Start to cut your veggies into nice, chunky pieces. Add the veggies and can of pineapple to a skillet with a little bit of butter. The water should be boiling at this point. Add rice to the water.


Take a minute to marvel at the color in this pan! So beautiful and my kitchen smelled amazing!

Back to the recipe!

Cook down the veggies. Add salt and pepper. Drizzle soy sauce all over the veggies and pineapple. Mix until everything is coated. Put a generous amount of veggies onto a bed of rice and dig in!

Once you taste the sweet pineapple mixed with the soy sauce and veggies your taste buds will be happy! 🍜

xo, Jessi





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