4th of July DIY | Crop Tops & Nails


I cannot believe we will be celebrating July 4th in just two short days! While watching fireworks and celebrating with family and friends, looking the part is a must. My sister, Savanah, and I turned men’s tees into two cute crop tops. We think they are perfect for any party plans you may have. Wear them to a barbecue in the park or over your swimsuit for a pool party! Oh ya, we painted our nails, too! We had a little too much fun in the process, but we always act weird and silly when we’re together! What else are sisters for!

Making the crop tops are so easy and sew free. All you need is a patriotic shirt and scissors!


1. Start by cutting the sleeves of the shirt about 1/2 inch in. Follow the curve of the sleeve.

2. Cut around the neck of the shirt about 1/2 inch in or more to fit your preference.

3. Put the shirt up to your body and see where it hits just below your belly button. Fold the shirt in half and cut about 3/4 of the way in. Turn your scissors to make a diagonal, triangle like cut. Open the shirt and cut straight across the back to cut the ties off of the back of the shirt. You only need them on the front. It should look something like box 3.

… And you’re done! Pair your top with a cute white bandeau and ripped shorts.



This top is a little more time consuming, but the results are so cute!

1. Cut around the neck of the shirt about 2 inches in. Put the shirt up against your body and cut straight across about 2 inches below your belly button.
Start making cuts from the bottom about 3 inches high and 1/2 inch apart.

2. If you love your shirt how it is, you can leave it. Savanah tied two pieces together with little knots to create a little more structure to the shirt.

Pair this top with white shorts and a bandana!



For our nails, we tried a bunch of different things on each nail. One fun thing we did was painting the colors on a sponge and pressing it onto our nails.  Just grab your red, white, and blue polishes and go crazy. Don’t forget to add a touch of sparkle!

What fun things do you all do for the 4th?

xo, Jessi & Savanah ♡



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