Summer Glow Series | Moisturize & Protect Your Skin


Hello Beauties!

I’m back with another tip in my summer glow series! During the hot summer months, the sun is especially strong and you need to protect your skin. Sometimes it may be hard to remember to apply SPF and moisture to your skin, but if you make it part of your every day routine you’ll do it out of habit. I promise! Starting these habits in your 20’s is beneficial, but it is never too late to start. Keeping your skin protected from the sun and moisturized will definitely give you a healthy glow, now and in the future.


Sunscreen SPF 30 or higher

Beach days are among us and we all want that summer tan. You can still get a golden glow while using SPF 30. Your skin will have a protective barrier from the harsh rays of the sun while getting your bronze on. I used to be an avid tanner when I was younger; tanning beds and all. It isn’t healthy for your skin or you. Even when you think the sun isn’t that strong, it is! Use sunscreen and protect your skin.


Coconut Oil

Let me just start by saying coconut oil is Ahhhmazzinggg! It has so many beauty benefits. It is perfect for moisturizing your skin, especially your face before bed. If you happen to get burned in the sun, this can be used to alleviate the pain. Earlier in the glow series, I told you all how to use coconut oil to make the perfect Lip Scrub. Make some now and save it for later!

This has nothing to do with skin, but I love putting coconut oil in my hair and wrapping it up in a bun with a bandana and sleeping with it in over night. I highly recommend adding coconut oil to your beauty cabinet!



After a nice hot shower, your pores are open. It is the perfect time to apply your lotion or moisturizer. Our skin can get ashy and dry if moisture is not applied to them. Lotion keeps your skin young and firm!



Drinking plenty of water is very beneficial not only to your skin, but your overall health. I am always drinking tons of water throughout the day. It is good to stay hydrated. If you don’t think you can drink plain water throughout the day, try adding fruit. Some of the fruit infused waters I love to make can be found here.

Protecting your skin can be easily achieved. Protect and moisturize every day! Your future self will thank you! 🙂

xo, Jessi



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