Blogger Interview | Tag You’re It!

Yay! I’ve been tagged by the beautiful Kimberli to do the blogger interview tag. View and follow her blog: 🙂

I am excited to do a tagged post! I have seen many bloggers do these and think they are so neat and fun. I like that it helps you get to know the blogger better and make friends/connections in the blogging community! Okay, lets get started!

How did you get into blogging?
I have always loved beauty, fashion, fitness, and food (who doesn’t?) and thought what better way to share my ideas and advice than with my own blog. I am working my way towards my Bachelors in communications. I eventually want to write for a magazine or doing something media related.

What advice would you give to a blogger just starting out?
Well, since I have only been blogging for 3 months, I am just starting out myself. I would definitely advise to write your content about things you know. Write about things that you would find interesting and you will attract people that have the same interests.

How has your blog changed since you started writing it?
Again, since my blog is still fairly new, it is still the same. I hope over time it changes and becomes better.

What would be your dream campaign?

This is kind of a tough one. I love so many different products that it would be hard to decide on just one. I would have to say anything beauty or make-up related.

What advice would you give to PR’s wanting to approach you for a campaign?
I would love to be approached for campaigns. I can help promote products through my blog posts, as well as, social media. Email is always the best way to contact me.

Do you have a plan for your blog?
Definitely! I hope to expand further on and make a brand out of it. I also hope to inspire and encourage people along the way.

What do you think about rankings?
I like to use rankings to see my progress along the way. I really just want to help bring knowledge and inspiration to others whether it be beauty related or lifestyle.

That’s it for the interview. I hope you all enjoyed my answers and learning a little more about me! Now I get to tag a few fellow bloggers to do this interview. Feel free to tweet me the link so I can share it with my viewers! @jessicacipriano I cant wait to see your answers. 

xo, Jessi

Tag! You’re it!



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