Toni & Guy Dry Shampoo| Review

We’ve all had those mornings; alarm clock doesn’t go off and you’re left with 20 minutes to spare. That’s just enough time to take a shower and look semi- decent. I have very oily hair and even if I wash it at night I still wake up with my hair not looking so fresh. That’s why my recent love for dry shampoo has grown and I am here to share the love!❤

20150812_191104 (1)

To many of you, dry shampoo is no stranger to your hairstyle routine. It helps your color stay longer, helps natural oils in the hair, and gives our oily, flat hair some va, va, voom!

Toni & Guy have this dry shampoo that adds texture, freshness and shine. I also love this dry shampoo for clean hair because it adds tons of volume, giving you the oomph we all love! It has a nice scent that’s not too perfume-y. For the size and brand, $14.99 is a good price. I have used other brands like Dove and Batiste that are cheaper in price, but my hair didn’t stay looking non-oily. With the Toni & Guy dry shampoo, my hair still looks non-oily after 2 days.


I like to spray it on my roots and let it set while I do my make up. When I’m ready, I tousle my hair with my fingers, really working it into the roots of my hair. Then, I run a wide toothed comb through my hair, (teasing gently at the roots), add some tousled curls,and set with hair spray. Your hair will be full of volume! Who doesn’t like a messy, textured curl look?

Another plus of having voluminous, fresh hair is that you can use this excuse:


Dry shampoo and teasing will do that to you. 🙂

For those of you new to dry shampoo or hesitant, just give it a try. What are your thoughts on dry shampoo? Love it or hate it?

xo, Jessi



  1. I love dry shampoo! I haven’t used Toni & Guy so I can’t speak for that brand but having as much hair as I do sometimes is just. Fucking. Easier! This way I don’t have to wait 12 hours for my hair to dry!


  2. Dry shampoo is a gift from the heavens. I hate washing my hair, so when I saw that there’s a magical spray that gets rid of all the oiliness, I naturally ran to the nearest drug store and picked it up. Batiste is my favourite. My hair isn’t too oily so it works well for me 🙂

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