Weekend Getaway | Day 2 Adventures in St. Augustine

I am back with Day 2 of our adventure. We had a lot of fun exploring and sight seeing in St. Augustine. It was extremely hot walking around, but we made the most of it! If we go again, we will  definitely go when we have cooler weather!

Disclaimer: This post contains an OVERLOAD of pictures.



20150815_120610      20150815_120555          20150815_120544

20150815_120939            20150815_132620         20150815_135559

20150815_135834(1)            20150815_140407         20150815_151525



20150815_121229          20150815_121215            20150815_135147

20150815_152158           20150815_162131           20150815_154531


20150815_153837_001            20150815_160003         20150815_154531


Pictures always capture the moments, but memories made are for a lifetime. I hope you all enjoyed viewing our little adventure!

xo, Jessi


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