Thirsty Thursday | Watermelon Refresher


Staying hydrated is one of the easiest things to do, yet so many people are always dehydrated. Drinking plenty of H₂O is essential to staying hydrated and healthy. If you don’t enjoy plain water, check out the different ways I like to make fruit infused waters here.

Eating juicy fruits, like watermelon and cucumbers, can keep you hydrated. I have never really been a fan of watermelon because of it’s gritty texture. Blending it into a drink makes it bearable and it is very refreshing. This drink is perfect after a workout or if you simply want a refreshing beverage.

You will need:

  • Chunks of watermelon
  • Half a cucumber
  • Ice cubes



Start by peeling the cucumber. Chop watermelon and cucumber into small chunks.


Add to a blender with a lot of ice.


Blend everything until it is nice and smooth. That’s it! The watermelon and cucumber are basically water based, so they liquefy pretty quickly and become this pretty, pink drink!

If you try this drink, leave comments down below and tell me what you thought of it. Stay hydrated!

xo, Jessi



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