Mary Kay Timewise Moisturizer | Review


Moisturizer is something you should apply to your face daily. It helps keep your skin look youthful and glow. I have always had acne prone skin and the thought of rubbing anything other than acne medication on my skin was a break out waiting to happen. This past year I have been adding moisturizer over my Epiduo medication and I haven’t had break outs like I’ve had in the past.

Mary Kay Timewise age fighting moisturizer has been my favorite, go-to moisturizer the past couple of months. It keeps the elasticity in my face and I notice fresh skin in the morning (opposed to an oily face). The consistency of the product isn’t thick or heavy, it blends nicely into the skin. The scent isn’t strong like most moisturizers I have used.


Along with the moisturizer, I have been using the Timewise firming eye cream. It is a little thick in consistency, but it does not feel heavy. I gently pat around my eye area as instructed and it blends in nicely. I have noticed a difference in the discoloration I had under my eyes. It is slowly fading and my eyes look more awake.  I would recommend adding both of these products to your beauty routine!

Mary Kay has an amazing line of beauty and make-up products. If you’re interested in sampling or purchasing anything, my mom would be happy to assist you. Her website can be found at With Fall right around the corner, let her help you with new products and colors!

Has anyone tried out these products or any Mary Kay products? How did you like them?

xo , Jessi


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