Fall in Love | IT Cosmetics CC + Radiance Ombre Blush


Hello Beauties!

I know I’ve been MIA lately. School has been taking a toll on me, but I will start posting regularly on Tuesday and Thursdays again! Since Fall is here and the bronze-goddess look is slowly fading, neutral and warm colors are coming into play.

Lately, I have been using this blush by IT cosmetics. It has the perfect amount of warmth and highlight. It is formulated to work with the tone of your skin to give you the perfect color. This blush comes in three different shades: Je Nais Se Quios, Coral Flush, & Sugar Plum. The shade I’ve been using is Sugar Plum. Ill have to admit, it does look a little intimidating at first because of its dark color. I thought I would have really dsrk cheeks, but you definitely won’t! After applying foundation, a sweep of this across your cheeks is all you need.


The color isn’t too pinky like the others, which makes it perfect for your Fall beauty routine. It is supposed to adapt to any skin tone, so don’t worry if you’re fair skinned. It is a lot more expensive than your drugstore brands, but I think it is worth the cost. If you cant afford to buy it now, holidays are coming… just add it to your list! 😊

After trying this blush, I really want to try other It cosmetics products. I love that they’re also animal cruelty free!

Has anyone tried any of their products? How do you like them?

xo, Jessi 💋

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