Be Pretty | Empower One Another

2015-10-27 10.46.18

Happy Thursday!  😊

We all read blogs and see in the media about beauty and which products to try, always worried about being pretty. Im with you! I want to try the latest things to see if they work for me and I love to follow the latest trends. While make up and beauty products don’t define being “pretty”, they do make you feel good about yourself; It does for me anyway.

One thing I hate seeing is women hating on other women who wear make up or “cover up their beauty.” I have always had this issue and have heard all of the annoying comments. I feel that asking a woman why she’s wearing so much make up is no different than asking why she’s not wearing any. I feel confident wearing make up and have always worn it. I dont do it for anyone, but me. Its my way of expressing  myself.

Why are women putting down other women for something so small as wearing make up when we should be uplifting one another? If you feel confident when you leave the house, then rock your look, makeup or not.

Being “pretty” entails so much more. Start being pretty kind to one another. Give someone a compliment. If a girls makeup looks good or what they’re wearing is cute I compliment them. Women together should uplift one another. Don’t ever bring someone down, no matter what. And don’t let someone else’s beauty affect yours. The thing you might envy on some one just might be the very thing they dislike about themselves. We all have insecurities and it’s nobody’s job to make you feel down about yourself.

We should all start being pretty kind. Pretty funny. Pretty smart. Pretty strong.

Give someone a compliment today, it will make you feel good, too!

xo, Jessi 💋


One comment

  1. This is very good! We should all compliment one another. The problem comes from society, the media that some woman feel this way. It’s all about sex and some men looking at woman the way they do that makes woman feel insecure about themselves and to lash out at another woman who poses a threat.


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