The Whole30 Program | First week & Experience



Hey everyone!

After researching and hearing about the great results others have had, I have jumped on the healthy express and have started The Whole30 diet. During The Whole30 you are required to cut out certain food groups for 30 days. That means No sugar, no dairy,  no legumes, & no grains! You can however eat seafood, meats, tons of fruits and veggies and nuts  {no peanuts}.

Why did I decide to try The Whole30?

I have been living with stomach issues since I was 21, {IBS, colitis, gastritis, and food sensitivity}. I was recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism and the symptoms I was experiencing made sense, especially the 15 lb weight gain. This program is supposed to clean out your body of all of the things we eat on a daily basis and see which ones affect you. I am currently on my eleventh day. I’ve noticed that since i cut out dairy and sugar, by belly bloating and pain has gone away and I haven’t had to take my medicine for 3 days!

“I COULD NEVER CUT OUT SUGAR!” Or so I thought.  

Almost everything we eat has so much sugar in it. Instead of focusing on what I cant eat on this program, I focus on what I can have. {It makes it easier}. I am a lover of cheese and sugar and thought that I could never do this.  I love having my candy while I study, so that was a real struggle at first. I loved flavored creamer and sugar in my coffee, now I can now drink it black with cinnamon with no problem. Besides the candy and ice cream, I generally ate pretty healthy.

I have definitely slayed my sugar dragon, but sometimes crave it. If I have a craving, I’ll slice an apple in half topped with compliant butter, cinnamon and walnuts. I actually enjoy the  natural fruit of the sugar more now than before.

What do you eat? 

Since I don’t eat meat, it has been a challenge finding recipes to make. I would always resort to pasta and parm cheese {oh how I miss it}, but now I make spaghetti squash with broccoli and mushrooms and it’s much more satisfying.

I have listed below what I ate the past 7 days:


Day 1: B- black coffee + banana almond bowl {banana, almonds, almond butter, unsweetened cacao nibs} L- Tuna salad on romaine lettuce + nuts  D- salmon with lemon wedges + asparagus

Day 2:  B- black coffee + egg whites + broccoli & mushrooms + apple slices with cinnamon L- tuna salad on romaine lettuce + nuts D- spaghetti squash + broccoli + mushrooms

Day 3: B- black coffee + egg whites with mushrooms + apple slices topped with cinnamon L- salmon + veggies + nuts    D- veggie burger wrapped in lettuce + sweet potatoes

Day 4: B- black coffee + egg whites + strawberries L- squash + zucchini + egg whites + unsweetened applesauce D- grilled shrimp fajitas on lettuce boats

Day 5: B- black coffee + egg whites + strawberries  L- salmon + applesauce + nuts  D- eggplant with broccoli

Day 6: B- black coffee + egg whites + sweet potatoes   L- Brussel sprouts + mushrooms + nuts D- meat free “meatballs” and no sugar added sauce

Day 7: B- black coffee + egg whites + apple slices topped with cinnamon + tomato slices   L- buffalo cauliflower + sweet potatoes + apple sauce + nuts   D- veggie burger + broccoli + homemade sweet potato fries


* Everyday I drink TONS of water, sparkling water {helps curb cravings}, and I’ll have an unsweetened tea with a lemon wedge at dinner time.


If you feel low energy levels in the first couple of days, it may be the lack of sugar your  body is used to. They don’t recommend always eating them, but use the compliant Lara bars in case of emergencies.  My favorites are the cherry pie and apple pie.

Has the Whole30 made a difference so far? 

Being in my eleventh day, I honestly just want a slice of pizza or a big fat cinnamon roll, but I am doing this for my health. It has made a difference in my body, I am losing inches and have lost my belly bloat. I feel a lot healthier and slender. I am most happy about not having ANY belly pains or rushed trips to the bathroom after eating.

I still have 19 days to go! I will document more on my 3rd week!

xo, Jessi



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