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20160617_112728-1Coming home to a living space you created is so inviting. I love walking through the door and feeling completely relaxed and cozy. Who doesn’t love that? Decorating is one of my favorite things to do and I wanted to share how I style my living space to make it my own.

By adding a mixture of light and warm colors, it can bring a summery, cozy feel to your home. Brightening up the living area also really opens up the space.  My living area has a lot of black and gray with pops of blue. The blue accents add my own personal style and brings the cozy vibe to our living space. Whenever anyone visits they automatically say that the style “looks like me” and that’s exactly what you want!

My fiancé and I live in an apartment and our living area isn’t that big. I wanted to do something to make it appear larger so I recently painted my black coffee table a very light gray. It brightened up the living area and has made it look open. I took to my creative side and made a piece of art work out of dollar store puzzle pieces and paint to tie in all of the colors in the living space. It was so simple and it turned out pretty neat. Picture frames and abstract pieces add a modern look the space which I love.




I  hope you enjoyed the pictures of my living space. Maybe it will give you some inspiration! 😊

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xo, Jessi 💋


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