Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation | New holy grail?!

Hello beauties! 
As you all know, I am getting married in February ( 5 more months!). Since I am doing my own makeup and assisting with the bridesmaids makeup (my sister is also really good, so she’s helping too!), Ive been wanting to find a foundation what will last all day and hold up throughout our long night of laughs and dancing! Plus, I want it to look good in pictures!  

I usually wear the Revlon color stay and have since high school (I know!) because I’ve never been able to find anything i liked that was comparable or better. 

Until now! 

I have read other bloggers reviews and looked up on the Estee lauder website at reviews and this foundation got a 4.8/5. I decided to give it a try and boy am I glad I did! It isnt heavy at all, it has a smooth consistency and it is very full coverage, which I love because I have a lot of acne scaring around my lower lip and chin. I also struggle with very oily skin and usually look like an oil slick by the end of the day. 

This foundation controls the oil, holds coverage, and makes me look fresh for my work day and errands after. I still get the usual shiny t-zone, but I just blot it and I’m back to looking fresh.

I even went to the park the other day with my nephews and brother for 3 hours in the hot Florida sun and humidity, and nope! my foundation did not budge! 

With that being said, I think we have a wedding foundation winner and a new holy grail. I will definitely be wearing this on my big day! 

Do you have any other wedding makeup tips/tricks to share?! Leave them in the comments below! ♡





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