Slowly letting go of Summer | Lace & Neutrals 

Fall is slowly approaching Florida this week which means light flannels and booties are in my near future. This outfit is my I’m-not-ready-to-let-go-of-summer-but-it’s-Fall look.  I love pairing light, long sleeved shirts with shorts and wedges. I think it looks so cute and feminine. I found this lilac blouse at Forever21. The lace detailing on the sleeve is what made me fall in love with it.I’ve linked it down below so you can get it if you love it, too!

My short cut offs are a staple of mine all throughout the summer. I wear them any chance I get. The wedges are so comfortable and the neutral color goes with so much. The tassel earrings are so cute and be a use they’re white and gray they can also go with just about anything. I’ve linked everything down below. 

I hope you all enjoy.Brace yourselves for cooler weather outfits, Fall is coming! 

Jessi 💋

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