Exciting News |Kinsley Armelle Brand Ambassador

Along with clothing and makeup, accessories are on my list of must-haves! I’ve recently partnered with Kinsley Armelle to promote their accessories! Every piece of jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, earrings & rings) is handmade in the “heart of Texas.” Each piece that I’ve gotten has been different and unique.  I love that the price point is reasonable and the quality is amazing! They also match with so many different outfits! Pictures don’t do these pieces justice. When I received my first bracelet, the quality and color of the stones didn’t compare to the pictures I saw!  

Shop this look: Gold bangle | Smoky bracelet | Kate Spade Watch (10% off right now)

Shop this look: Gold party bracelet

With Christmas right around the corner, these pieces would make perfect gifts or stocking stuffers! 😊

Visit their website here and use my discount code Jessi15 for 15% of your total purchase! 

Happy Shopping! If you purchase one, be sure to tag me on instagram @ Glamjessxo with #glamfitfoodie

xo, Jessi 💋


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