Valentines Gift Ideas Everyone will Love 

Mike and I have never been ones to go all out and celebrate Valentiens day. A romantic card and chocolates are fine with me if anything. Not that we have anything against the holiday, it’s just that our anniversary is January 30th and now our wedding anniversary is going to be February 18th, so we will probably never be that into celebrating it.
 BUT, just because we don’t give gifts, I know a lot of you probably do. So I’ve rounded up some of my favorites that would be great gifts for your galentines or ideas to hint at to your lover. 

1. These Tory Burch espadrilles are so cute! The pink fringe on the top is he icing on the cake for me! They would be perfect for spring! 

2. Earrings are my favorite accessory! Kendra Scott has some of the prettiest earrings and these are no exception! I’m in love with the light pink! 
3. Who doesn’t want to smell like a goddess all day? This new Tory Burch perfume is heavenly.  It has a nice light scent perfect for date night. This also smells SO good. I recommend this to smell fresh from dinner to snuggles. 
4. Sandals are a spring staple! These Tory Burch sandals are so pretty and I’m loving he bright pink! If pink isn’t your thing, you’re crazy! Kidding, but you would LOVE these
5. Heart shaped sunnies?! Yes please! These will make you look like that heart eyed face emoji instantly! So cute! 
6. Anything heart shaped is clearly an obsession of mine! This Kate Spade zip coin purse is on my galentines list! This  Is really cute too! 
7. Kate spade is one of my favorite designers. This Phone case is a must have. Her cases are sturdy and durable. Don’t worry, it’s hard plastic an worth the money!! 
8. Candles are everywhere in my house! I just love the warm cozy feeling and the scent is delicious! This candle  comes in a variety of scents. This & This are great, too! 
9. How cute is This pillow?! The saying is to die for. If you want a more neutral pillow, this fuzzy heart shaped pillow is a must have! 
10. Another beautiful Kate spade find! This watch is so pretty and perfect for everyday after Valentine’s Day! ❤️
I hope this helps with some ideas other than jewelry and chocolates. 

xo, Jessi 💋

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