Best Day Ever | Prendy Ever After Part 1

We got married on February 18, 2017 at The Rusty Pelican in Tampa, FL and it was the best day ever! We fell in love with the beautiful ocean view and champagne colored chandeliers.  It rained most of the day, but stopped just in time for our ceremony. These gorgeous photos were shot by Cat Dossett. She did an amazing job and our love shined through the cloudy day. She can be found Here. There are so many amazing pictures and it was so hard to choose, so I am going to break it down into a couple of posts. This post will feature getting ready and the ceremony. The first look and reception will be coming soon! I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking. Click on each image to view it better! Enjoy!

List of vendors

Venue: The Rusty Pelican

Dress: Bearer of the Bling Bridal

Florals: Ordered from Sams Club, made by my family & I

Bridesmaid Dresses: Davids Bridal

 Suits: Mens Wearhouse


2,920 days | 8 Years Of Lovin

“We fall in love by chance, but stay in love by choice.”💕

Mike and I celebrated 8 years together yesterday on 1.30.17. I can hardly believe that 8 years have come and gone, but the memories we’ve made in that time will stay with us forever. We met when I was 19 and he was 22. We’ve grown through our adult years together, from college to buying a house! 

We celebrated by doing what we do every anniversary- breakfast, romantic couples massage and dinner at Carrabas! It’s sort of our annual tradition and I love it!! It was our last anniversary until we start celebrating our wedding anniversary! 

 In less than 3 weeks, we will become husband and wife, partners for life! We cannot be anymore excited. ❤️  we still have so much to do in such a short time. Hopefully I can keep my sanity and it’ll all work out! 

I know I haven’t been very good at keeping up with my wedding belles series, but I will try to make a wrap up post of where I got everything and things like that. Everything will be linked, too! 


Jessi 💋

My Current Skin Care Routine | Bright Dewy Skin For My Wedding

Cleanser: Here & Here | Mask: Here & I love this | Rose spray: Here 

If you have oily-acne prone skin like I do, you know that finding the perfect skin care routine can be a challenge. I’ve tried so many things over the years that have worked and then stopped working a couple months later or just made my face situation worse. I came across the Mario Badescu line last year and instantly fell in love! This may look like a sponsored post, but it isn’t. I just LOVE the products so much!

Lately, I have been using these products religiously and my face has cleared up & looks so fresh! Since our wedding is coming up I’ve been trying to get my skin in good shape!

 The Acne Facial Cleanser has a nice clean scent and my skin always feels clean and looks so fresh. It’s non-drying so it’s perfect for everyday use. This Cleanser is great for 2-3 times per week depending on your skin type. It’s great for clearing up acne. 

This Neutrogena gel is a great moisturizer. I use it very frequently and my skin looks plump and healthy. Vitamin C serums are also amazing because they help with the aging and look of your skin. A couple vitamin C serums can be found here and here. 

I usually do a mask 2 to 3x per week. I love mask for oily skin! If you struggle with acne, this  is a must try! I don’t know if you’re supposed to, but I also use it as a spot treatment. Like magic, when I wake up the pimple is gone! 

Retin-A has been a favorite of mine for the past couple of months. I’ve been loving the Refissa brand!  It really helps with the fine lines and acne. See your dermatologist and give it a try if you haven’t yet! 

Anything with rose hips in it have been so popular lately and it’s no secret why. This Spray is so good! I use it before and after I apply my make up! You can use it throughout the day, too for a little refresher! 

Beautiful skin also starts from within. Teas that are specific to skin are a perfect way to start. I drink tea every night and I also take vitamins daily. So far, following this regimen has been working for me so far and I love it! I look forward to having pretty dewy skin for my wedding, as we all should! 🤗
Do any of you use any of these products or recommend any others? 

xo, Jessi 💋

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Wedding Belles | Bridal Shower 

Aside from looking forward to our wedding, the  events leading up to the big day are just as exciting! My mom did such an amazing job coordinating my shower and my sister did a great job getting in contact with everyone. Although there wasn’t many people, I still felt showered with love! ❤️
We played fun games, had yummy food & cherishable memories were made. My mom made the cutest photo prop that was fun to use! My little peachie nephew, G, had to get in on the fun, too!  I just can’t believe that it’s already done and over with! I was looking forward to that day for a long time and I can’t help but think our wedding day will make me feel the same way! Less than 3 months until #prendyeverafter! Until then enjoy the pictures! 🤗 {photo credit: my beautiful momma!}


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Thank you all for sharing this journey with me! A new wedding belles post on our 3 month countdown will be up this week! 
xo, Jessi 💋

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