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‘Tis the Season for Easy Christmas Cookies| Italian Wedding Cookies


Baking Christmas cookies on Christmas Eve is one of my favorite traditions from childhood. As I’ve grown older, I still love to bake cookies before Christmas and give them out as little gifts. (more…)


The Whole30 Program | My Experience


Guess what?? I have conquered the Whole30! It was a challenge to say the least, but the outcome has made it worth while. By changing my eating habits and working out, it has truly been a lifestyle change. Not only do I look better, I feel better. Ive been a sufferer of migraines since high school and I always woke up with them every other day. I havent had one since day 3 of this program! I havent had to take my stomach medication that I’ve been on for 5 years and I wake up feeling refreshed and energized every morning! I lost my bloated belly and slayed my sugar dragon. It has truly helped with all of my health issues and I am down 10 pounds!

Coming Off of the Whole30

I’ve read that a lot of people go back to their old eating habits and dont feel so good. I think it is because your body isnt used to all of the junk. I was out shopping and decided to get a mini ice cream sandwich. BIG MISTAKE! I could hardly eat the whole cookie. It was very sweet and I couldn’t believe that before these 30 days I could eat almost half of a container of chips ahoy! Cheese is also a big issue with my stomach, but it always was. I have just decided to try and avoid it altogether. I still drink my black coffee with cinnamon and will continue to make healthy choices.


My favorite, buffalo chicken salad.

What will you eat now?

A lot of people have asked me if I will start eating “normal” again. I love the way I feel and look, so why would I want to go back to my old eating habits? I have so much more energy, I wake up early, no migraines, no belly pains, there’s just no reason to go back.

We often don’t think about the foods we consume. Eating for fuel instead of pleasure is something a lot of people struggle with. I was guilty of that, too. I would often treat myself to frozen yogurt or candy for accomplishments.

If you’re up for it, give this program a try. It is more than a diet, it is a true lifestyle changer.

Read about my first week on the Whole30 Here.

Exciting News | Making My Dreams Come True


Hellooooo! 🙂

Ever since I was a little girl, writing for a magazine and creating my own fashion line have been two of the things I have wanted to accomplish in my life. I thought what better way to start out than with my own blog name as a branded shirt!

Glam.Fit.Foodie tees are now available! I have limited quantities in each size and will update as they sell through. They come in sizes small, medium, large, and x-large.

They are currently available through PayPal. Signing up with an account is easy as pie. Just click on the link in this post below or find it in my “Contact Me” tab on the top of my page.I am currently only shipping throughout the US at this time. When ordering, please enter size option in the instruction box. (Sizes are US standard.)

Link to purchase tee on PayPal:—->

Share with your friends and follow on Instagram [ glamjessxo ] for updates. I will be having a fun giveaway coming soon!

Thank you all so much for all your support in this BIG endeavor! I plan on creating more apparel and things in the near future!

xo, Jessi

Protein Packed | Nutella Shake + Power Cakes

Protein is essential in everyone’s diet and especially important in diets of those who workout. Protein helps hair, skin, and muscles. After a long workout, your body needs protein to help rebuild itself. I found two delicious recipes to share with you all!


One way to get protein into your body is by drinking protein shakes. Drinking shakes post workout are essential. I’m always trying new recipes and I never drink the same shake in a row, unless I’m obsessed with it! Nutella is so delicious and I wanted to incorporate it into my post workout shakes. With the protein powder added in, this shake has 19 grams of protein.


I’ve been loving the FitMiss Delight protein powder. It has 16 grams of protein alone. It leaves me feeling full and the vanilla chai flavor is delish!

Indulging in nutella with half the guilt? Sounds perfect! Lets get started!

You will need:

1 cup of Almond Milk

1 scoop of FitMiss Delight

1 TBSP of Nutella


Simply blend together with ice and enjoy!

Now onto the Protein pancakes. I have been wanting to try protein pancakes for a while and came across the brand, Kodiak Cakes, on Instagram one day.


Later that night I went to Target and I saw them on the shelf! Talk about a coincidence. My fiance always wants protein packed foods,too. We decided to give them a try and surely enough, they are delicious!


They have 14 grams of protein in just 4 pancakes! They are really thin and light, so it hardly feels like you’re eating 4 pancakes. Depending on how much protein you want, there are 3 different ingredient options.

Option 1 – 1 cup of mix + 1 cup of water = 14 grams of protein

Option 2 – 1 cup of mix + 1 cup of milk = 18 grams of protein

Option 3 – 1 cup of mix + 1 cup of milk + 1 egg = 21 grams of protein

It takes less than 30 seconds a cake to make. Top with light syrup or your favorite toppings and enjoy!

Are you getting enough protein?! Try both of these recipes! You wont regret it!

xo, Jessi